The Third Woman: The Game in Other Venues






Video of Game in Thessaloniki


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Video of Game in China





Images: Top:Third Woman game in Thessaloniki / Costume QR Readings in U-Bahn

Bottom: Film: Street Chase/Cemetery Scene







The project displays an interactive Mobile Video Game using sensing (via QR codes) on phones capable of using barcode reading software. Audiovisual film materials are sent to participants’ mobile phones depending on their locations.


Photographing a barcode automatically downloads a video clip that presents thematic content by progressively revealing the layers of a contemporary film drama.


A gallery-based version with distributed screens coordinates the narrative through projection and QR code input from the audience. These screens may either be located in a single space or spread out through the exhibition.








Holly Matins, Line’s old friend and healer, has been asked for help from both Line and later the police. She arrives from London to gradually discover that Hari Line was once a healer and is now corrupted ex-hippie / spiritual figure living through obscure criminal support. Line used to heal by laying on of hands, but has smuggled bio-materials to support her small fanatical spiritual group who wish to overthrow the rotten “Babylon” of society (the end justifies the means), and has got contaminated by the biosample (Miazma) she carried through customs for another cynical terror organisation.









The coherence of the experience depends on a user successfully following clues and texts embedded in graphic posters and artefacts related to the film plot.


In-costume characters help the audience progress through the locations-dressed in QR coded clothes (as alternatives to located graphics).