The Third Woman: Exhibition




Images: Installation at Thessaloniki Biennale







Video of screenteaser





A major theme is that of codes: secrecy mutation and translation and the various related strands of the work cohere around the film-game exploring these ideas in related ways, particularly through the use of barcodes on costumes and to trigger the film events in both the gallery and the game.


The Exhibiton is split between a series of mixed performances in the public space surrounding the venue and a fixed narrative exhibition with a triple projector layout.




A combined Mobile Game, Multiscreen Narrative and Costume Performance, Initially designed for U-Bahn spaces at Karlsplatz in Vienna using mobile technologies.




The exhibition includes an interactive version of the film driven by the audience. A wifi network tracks the audience and adapt the film cut according to behaviour in the space.


The fim has three nuanced versions for each scene which can be recombined in many ways, so that the experience of the narrative is always slightly different for each member of the audience. A continuous exhibition panel combines printed parts of the strip together with blank insets for the film projections.










Nina Yankowitz’ Introductory Tease video animation appeared on the Vienna , Thessaloniki and Xian plasma screens, enticing visitors to engage with the interactive movie and installations.


It is also the introductory sequence for the interactive Third Woman film. It opens with viewing a hypodermic needle dripping drops of translucent liquid, the symbolic stolen penicillin theme woven throughout the original Third Man scenario from which the updated version is derived. She states: “each drip contains an image from Pia Tikka’s and Martin Rieser’s new script THE THIRD WOMAN, slowly spreading into a visual miasma of scenes floating on a moving liquid bed, collapsing, cascading downwards inside a well to the moist underground cobblestone sewer, the vortex reversing – filling the void until floating images emerge again."