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Holly Matins, Line’s old friend and healer, has been asked for help from both Line and later the police. She arrives from London to gradually discover that Hari Line was once a healer and is now corrupted ex-hippie / spiritual figure living through obscure criminal support. Line used to heal by laying on of hands, but has smuggled bio-materials for a terror organisation, to support her small fanatical spiritual group, and has got contaminated by the biosample (Miasma) she carried through customs for cash.





Sites were are all distributed in the Vienna area and were used to echo scenes from the original film, which have been re-mastered and re-scripted with an updated dialogue and plotline by Martin Rieser and Pia Tikka.


The filming was in black and white with harsh film noir angles and lighting and a combination of on site and virtually matted actors- filmed in a green screen studio at De Montfort University.
















‘The Underground' was a common name for Second World War resistance movements. By extension, the term was also applied to counter-cultural movement(s), many of which sprang up during the 1960s. These inform the spirit of the project by posing searching questions related to thematics regarding “global marginalization" and the effects of historical and contemporary ‘scourges’ on cities, including the metaphor of contagion in an age of fears related to migration and multi-cultural societies.


Uniquely, each scene was scripted and acted in three differently nuanced versions. A narrative "Ontospace" engine ensures that video clips tell the story in reconfigured ways, so that playing the game more than once always delivers a differently pitched story.