The Third Woman: An Introduction






Images: Scenes from Film: Shalo's Apartment/Cemetery (Actress: Maria Järvenhelmi)

Project Video Documentary

Video of Showing in Thessaloniki




Martin Rieser
(Concept, Mobile Sensing and Script/Film)

Pia Tikka
(Narrative engine and Script/Film)
Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
Dept. of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design

Nina Yankowitz
(Screen Teaser and Documentary)

Margarete Jahrmann
(Costume and Performance)

Martin Rieser
(Graphics and installation Design)

Rasmus Vuori
(Programming and interface design)

Mauri Kaipainen
(Interaction and Narrative Engine)

Anna Dumitriu
(Performance and Bioart)


Barry Roshto

Cliona Harmey

Nita Tandon




Vienna Underground:


The Third Woman Team originated from Vienna Underground, part of the e-MobilArt project, funded by EU Culture 2007 programme and by Avek: The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture, Finland, Arts Council of England, De Montfort University , BMUK and Aalto University Helsinki


The Third Woman is an interactive mobile film–game, updating post-war themes found in director Carol Reed's 1949 The Third Man Film. Our global art/science team, brought together by the eMobilart initiative, created The Third Woman interactive movie. Script writers Martin Rieser & Pia Tikka explore the global thread of bio-engineered terrorism as the underlying thematic content that they developed for this updated version. It portrays the new conflicts and corruptions of the 21st century.


Briefly, people are invited to collaborate, through a mix of projection screens, mobile phone messages, smart fabrics, and/or performance interventions, to prevent further tragedy caused by a mysterious substance (Miasma) found in public spaces. Participants can upload film clips on their mobile phones and interact with the thematic content, changing the emotional tenor of the scenario on large screens and mobile phones. In the audience experience the process progressively reveals layers of a contemporary film drama.


The interactive film, game and installation were produced in a series of workshops in Vienna, Finland and Athens. The film scenarios communicate universal issues of trust, loyalty, greed and betrayal, as well as adding to a global conversation on migration, the black economy and the underground world of cities.


Audiovisual materials are either sent to participants’ mobile phones through barcode readings from graphic artefacts in the exhibition space [or public spaces in the case of the game] or are displayed on large projection screens controlled through a phone browser menu.


An interventionist Costume Performance accompanies the event, adapting to location, alongside the Mobile Game, and its Multiscreen Narrative displays.


The specially commissioned project has been exhibited in Vienna's Kunsthalle and Karlsplatz U-Bahn and at Thessaloniki at the 2009 Biennale, in Bath UK , Xian Digital Arts weeks China 2010 and Galapagos Arts Venue New York in May 2011.









Karlsplatz Ubahn

Experimental performance and game on 16th February 2009.



MuseumsQuartier Wien
Wiener Luft - TONSPUR_interruption by Cliona Harmey [IRL] & Barry L. Roshto [USA/DE]

Kunsthalle Wien
Presentation, film showing and QR Fashion show 18th February 2009


Thessaloniki Biennale
Exhibition in Thessaloniki Museum of Contemporary Art 20th May-10th June 2009.



4th July 2009 Carpenter House, Bath UK-Special showing to commemorate the end of Bath University's Cityware Research project


Digital Arts Weeks China

Xian Academy of Fine Arts

June 27th-July 10th 2010


Galapagos Arts Venue

DUMBO, Brooklyn

New York

8th May 2011